'Coral' A Mixed media Sculpture from Georgie Ferusson
'Doormat' ByGeorgie Fergusson'
'Lichen' By Georgie Fergusson
'Magma' By Georgie Fergusson
'Biosphere' By Georgie Ferusson

I am a 22-year-old Fine Art graduate of The University of Gloucestershire and currently reside in mid-Wales. I enjoy creating paintings which are based on my incredible surrounding landscapes.


My research into the aesthetic appreciation of art and nature motivates me to produce work which celebrates both as multi-sensory experiences. I strive to explore the effects of combining real and imagined space in order to create illusionistic pieces of art which are inspired by the beautiful textures found within the natural world. My reluctance to choose a single dimension, material or technique in my work echoes my desire to portray the landscape as unpredictable, uncontrollable and promiscuous; despite man's continuous efforts to regulate, restrict and rule it. 



Georgie Fergusson


Georgie also commissions Pet Portraits for which are extremely popular!  If you would like  a portrait of  your favourite pet  just follow the link on left ' Pet Portraits by Georgie'

Leaf By Georgie Fergusson Oil On Log

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